Perform the Religious Ceremony of Ashes Scattering in the Ganges Through Professional Service Providers

Scattering ashes of the deceased after cremation in the holy river Ganges is considered a ritual in the Hindu culture. It is believed that the deceased shall attain Mukti and also be relieved from any sins committed in his or her lifetime. However, following this ceremony is not possible for the loved ones who are staying abroad and cannot travel to Varanasi to fulfill the ritual. But now with the ashes scattering services being offered online, one can easily obtain these services by sending the ashes of their loved one through the courier and have the ritual completed in a sacred manner as per their wishes. This service is being offered to provide immense satisfaction to the family members of the deceased. Although they cannot personally visit Varanasi, they can still have the ashes scattered in the sacred ganges on their behalf through this service provider.

The service providers take the ashes to the pre-selected locations as per the family wishes either to Varanasi, Haridwar or Rishikesh. At the time of scattering the ashes in the Ganges river, they also market the longitude and latitude so that the loved ones can visit the place at some time in their life. It is also simple to send the ashes as they can be picked up by a courier. The courier service is provided in cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. There are also special services offered where the ashes are collected in person by the service provider directly, packed and carried to the destination while conducting the scattering of ashes with utmost care and respect as per the instructions of the deceased family members.

Moreover, the family members availing these ashes scattering services in the holy ganges can also have personal requests that shall be honored like music, prayers, readings, personal phone calls etc at the time of scattering for their satisfaction. This service is also available for the beloved pets to scatter their cremated remains in the Ganges river in a professional and dignified manner. This asthi visarjan ceremony and ashes scattering generally costs around Rs 9,500 with the ceremony being performed within 7 days of receiving the ashes. The service providers also take photos of performing the scattering ceremony for your collection.

If you are considering ashes scattering service in tribute of your loved ones, then Gangesjourney is the right place! We are also honored to provide special requests in during the ceremony such as music, flowers, personal phone calls, prayers, readings, etc. For more details, please visit us online.