Carbon Brushes On the Edge for Proper Demanding Application Treatment

Carbon Brushes

The carbon brushes are custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of your particular motor or generator. One needs to find the proper brush design for the operating conditions of motor in order to carbon brush and commentator life. Poor brush selection can result in fast brush wear and damage to the commentator. Brushes have wide application in the field of aviation and military. These are specially grades designed to handle stringent requirements and hight altitude common for critical applications.

Having precise fabrication, there are special custom grades to meet demanding applications like high altitude treatments for superior performance and longer life. For application analysis and design recommendations many industrial manufacturers see a full range of Carbon Brushes for a variety of industries including steel, mining, paper, plastics, printing, and more. These popular styles of brushes are carried in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Manufacturer’s variety of carbon brushes are operated vehicles including forklifts and golf carts. We have several excellent grades of material that are made in-house and provide long life and good performance. Several of the most popular brushes are for lifting truck motors are stocked and available for same day shipment. Custom made brushes can be produced in just a few days.

In order to produce a high quality, competitively priced product, we press-to-size the carbon bodies and then do final fabrication. Many too manufactured a full range for power tools. Such carbon brushes are specifically designed to provide excellent performance and long life.

The unique capabilities in both moulding and machining brushes allow providing the highest quality parts using the most economical manufacturing methods. Through extensive application analysis you can be assured of maximum performance and life from your existing product design. Many such capabilities like: In-house tooling capabilities, Assembly capabilities, On-site motor test facility with dynamometer, Research and development on-site, custom grade formulations, Ultrasonic welding, Lead free soldering, etc.  For traction and transit applications the use of our Red Top Pad for improved performance is recommended. There are several excellent grades that provide long life and are constructed to meet the vigorous demands of this application.

What’s up with Motor Brushes

Motor brushes are a very simple but vital part of an electric scooter's direct current (DC) motor system. Composed of highly compressed graphite powder and copper wiring, this motor brush is made to exacting tolerances. All electric motors are the 2-pole type, and use one set of brushes, one on each side of the motor case, opposite the shaft end. The brushes are installed in brush holders, which are copper or brass tubes encased in plastic, with shallow plastic screw caps to retain, and provide access to, the brushes. The leads from the motor power cord are connected to the metal brush tubes, from which current flows into the brushes. A brush consists principally of a length of compressed graphite, with carefully controlled characteristics to provide the lowest possible resistance, low friction, and long life. When the brush is inserted in the brush holder and the screw cap is in place, the spring maintains proper brush pressure on the commutator as the brush wears.

In case if slip ring brushes, the electrical connection to the rotor is made by connections to the brushes. We also make brushes with inserts for cleaning action to minimize the slip ring wear. Brush impregnations and treatments can also do to protect the slip ring surface from contaminated environments.

For grounding brushes & lightning protection there are several different carbon brushes for grounding applications. The most popular grounding brush is used as a shaft grounding assembly that diverts static and induced electric currents in motor shafts away from the bearings, protecting them from pitting and damage.

For generator brushes for wind turbines there are supplying brushes for wind turbine generators. Reports of brush failures in turbine generators are very common. Field tests have shown our brushes are consistently outperforming the originally installed brush. Wind energy applications demand reliability. Improved performance & reliability Reduced maintenance Extended brush life Lightning strikes are a serious concern for wind turbines.

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