Why you should use a Recruiting Agency in Los Angeles

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Hiring the best employees is important for every organization. However, it is a challenging task that demands specialists. A recruiting agency from Los Angeles could be of great help to companies who intend to cut down costs and also speed up the recruitment process.   Here are a few reasons to use a recruitment agency.

1.  Best Access to Active and Passive Candidates

One of the reasons for using recruitment agencies is they can find superior candidates than your in-house recruiters as they have the best access to active and passive candidates. People who are actively looking for a job are more likely to register with a recruitment agency and this ensures recruitment agencies have a large pool of talent that consists of hundreds or thousands of potential candidates.

Top passive candidates with more than 3-5 years of experience are in touch with third party recruiters to keep them updated about opportunities in different companies. They might consider a new position in your company if asked by the recruitment consultant. It would be difficult for in-house recruiters to reach such passive candidates.

2.  Time Saver

If a company posts positions on job boards, expect the floodgates to open, with hundreds of applications for each position. Consider the time and effort needed to sift through huge piles of resumes and filtering the ones that might be suitable for the job.

When you use a recruitment agency, all recruiting tasks such as posting adverts, scanning resumes, preparing lists of potential candidates, arranging interviews is done by the agency. This is definitely time-saving for your company.

3.  Offer Longer Guarantee Periods

Attrition costs are huge for companies who fail to select the right candidates. A good recruitment agency is more likely to hire stronger candidates whose career goals match with opportunities in your organization. The new hires are more likely to stay with your organization for a longer period.

4.  Expertise

The main job of the recruitment agencies is keeping a tab on the employment market. They have years of experience of screening, filtering, and profiling candidates. Your in-house recruiter team might not have that level of expertise that will lead to recruitment delays and cost overruns.

5.  Temporary Workforce

Recruitment agencies can help you meet temporary staffing demands to meet project deadlines or help you deal with seasonal workload more efficiently. These agencies take responsibility for all aspects of the temporary hiring of employees. Some recruitment agencies might take these employees on their payroll and take away the stress of managing such employees.

6.  Low Risk

Using recruitment agencies is low risk as leading recruitment consultants follow a policy – No Hires, No fees.  Thus, there is no downside of using such recruitment agency as you don’t have to pay them if they are not successful in finding the best candidates for your company.

7.  Additional Services

Some recruitment agencies also offer a range of specialist services like tests that give your organization unique insight into future hires.

Thus, you can see using a recruiting agency from Los Angeles will help you get the best people on-board that can be a long-term investment that keeps on performing.


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