Which Entry-Level CompTIA Certification Is Appropriate For You?

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No wonder, the worth of a professional credential has been recognized well by the IT-related candidates and they are always in search for the best ones. And not only the beginners, even the most experienced professionals are in requirement to possess a valid IT-related certification to be fit for a particular job position.

CompTIA is one of the global leaders that are known to provide various entry-level credentials to the candidates. The IT newbie that are just stepping into the boat to explore the vast IT-environment could benefit their career greatly with the help of these credentials.

Though, if you are an experienced professional, you could easily obtain the certification with the help of online programs that offer you to pass CompTIA Certifications without taking exams. However, the relatively newer ones could always face troubles in choosing a particular CompTIA Certification for their career needs.

Here we have brought a list of CompTIA certifications that are aimed towards the entry-level candidates. You could choose a particular one with respect to their field of operation or jobs that they could offer:

·         CompTIA A+ Certification: The CompTIA A+ certification covers the basic IT skills with respect to the operating systems and devices. It is recommended (not obligatory) to have a working experience of 6 to 12 months and with this credential, you could opt for job roles such as IT Support Technician and Field Service Technician etc.

·         CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification: It covers the basic knowledge of cloud computing with respect to the needs of a business organization. The credential recommends about 6-months working experience in an IT-related environment and it offers you jobs such as Customer Service Management and Operations Management (non-technical jobs basically). With this credential in your hand, you could also aim for CompTIA Cloud+ certification which is higher in level.

·         CompTIA CTT+ Certification: The Certification provides the skills and techniques that are required by a teaching candidate in the learning environment of today. It only recommends a training experience of about 6 to 12 months and with it, you could qualify for jobs such as Sales Manager, technical Trainer and Product manager etc.

·         CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification: This certification from CompTIA aims to solidify the fundamental concepts in IT for and individual and also offers the knowledge to basic technological concepts and practices. The credential requires no kind of experience and is aimed most raw candidates that prepare to enter the IT environment.

·         CompTIA Project+ Certification: The certification deals in various kinds of project-related activities, ranging from its initiation to completion within the approved budget and time period. The Project+ Certification recommends about 12 months of experience in managing, participating and performing activities in small or medium-sized projects. With this, you could qualify for roles such as Project manager, Project Team Member and Business ****yst etc.

These are some of the most basic and entry-level credentials that are aimed towards candidates aiming to enter the IT-world. Be sure of the direction in which you wish to go and even the job positions you aim while targeting a particular credential.