What is IVF and why we need IVF?

IVF in full is; “In Vitro Fertilization”. It refers to a process where an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body. The process is manually performed. An egg and sperm are combined in a dish in a laboratory and the embryo is then transferred to a woman uterus.

IVF is one of the techniques used to treat infertility. Many couples face a problem of getting a child and IVF is one of the methods commonly used to get pregnant in women. IVF can be used due to a number of reasons but it is a technique of assisted reproductive technology. IVF techniques are also employed in gestation surrogacy where a fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus of a surrogate mother and the child born is genetically unrelated to the surrogate. Successful results can be assured with careful coordination of both medical and scientific approach to each couple who are under a treatment cycle. Doctors, scientists, Nurses and counselors have to highly cooperate.

Some couples don’t go in for IVF treatment due to high costs. This causes many couples to turn to it after all other possible alternatives have failed. In some countries ban and others regulate IVF treatment which has led to an increase in fertility tourism especially to India.

The causes of infertility differ from one couple to another. The cause may lie in both male and females but there are few cases that it may be caused by weak sperms or eggs. Other causes in women may be increased age, pelvic inflammation infection, polycystic ovarian disease and dysfunction in ovulation.

Cost of IVF in India

The cost can range from RS.1, 50,000 to RS.2, 50,000 but the cost can go higher if a patient requires advanced technology for assistance in IVF.

Why do I need IVF?

The reason to go in for IVF treatment is always the last alternative for many couples. After trying all other methods IVF provides a chance of a successful pregnancy to occur. Fertility experts have made great strides in infertility procedures which have led to favorable outcome. Below are reasons as to why we need IVF:

 IVF enables a couple to have their own biological child. This is the obvious reason for acquiring IVF treatment. The procedure of IVF helps the doctors to use the best eggs and sperm of the couple and the baby born out of this treatment is not different from the others conceived through natural means.

IVF helps patients who can’t get pregnant through natural means for example same sex partners, single mothers and those with no other alternatives. This has helped many accomplish their goals and dreams.

It has been proved that IVF treatment can solve many infertility issues without making patients go through major surgery or extensive infertility treatments.

IVF success rates are higher today than they were in the previous years due to the advances in reproductive technology.

It has helped solve couple’s problems. Many marriages break up due to no children in a home and IVF has helped to restore their joy and happiness.


IVF in India is on a rise due to the above mentioned benefits. It is one of the major reasons for medical tourism in India and also its cost is much lesser than that in USA and Canada. The rate of success for IVF is also high compared to other alternatives.