Use Generic Nicorette and Quit Smoking

Many people want to get free from the habit of smoking. Nicotine dependency makes it difficult to quit smoking. However, with the help of Generic Nicorette, you can easily minimize the urge to smoke and successfully quit smoking. Generic Nicorette is a tablet gum that helps to tackle the cravings of cigarette smoking and eventually quit smoking. This an effective alternative in place of nicotine replacement therapy. The medication has the main ingredient Nicotine, a main component that is also present in tobacco products.

This medicinal drug helps to manage withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine and aids to discontinue the habit of smoking. Many recommended that this medicament should be used with other behavioral support program for best results. This generic drug replaces nicotine without causing any harmful effects. Therefore, the severity of withdrawal symptoms can carving for having more cigarettes minimize. It is noted that after having this drug on regular basis the withdrawal symptoms reduce and relatively low levels of nicotine are found in blood.

Generic Nicorette is specified to:

•         Reduce the urge to smoke

•         Lessen withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty in focus, fussiness and impatience.

•         The chance of successful quitting increases

•         Reduce smoking in those who are not motivated to quit smoking immediately


Working of Generic Nicorette

While chewing Generic Nicorette there is a release of small amount of nicotine. This released nicotine is absorbed by the oral mucous into the circulation. Chew the gum tablet slowly to avoid releasing lot of nicotine. However, do not eat or drink while chewing Generic Nicotine tablet as it reduces nicotine absorption.

Usage Instructions:

Use this Generic Nicorette as per doctor’s direction. Avoid having this drug in large or small quantities than recommended. Do not smoke and use other nicotine based products, as they cause health effects. Chew the tablet gum slowly for 30 minutes till it tingles, park the tablet between the cheek and gum until the tingle disappears, then resume chewing till the tingle returns. Repeat this procedure of chewing till 30 minute until the tingle completely vanishes. Consume Generic Nicorette within 60 minutes when you feel a strong urge for nicotine. Do not consume new Generic Nicorette tablet continuously, as it causes side effects.

For best results chew nine tablets in the first six weeks. Never increase the use of more than 24 tablets. In case of overdose seek medical care on immediate basis. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before and after the medication. Stop consuming this drug after 12 weeks. Do not smoke after you start treatment with Generic Nicorette.

Safety measures:     

Inform your healthcare provider in case you have any cardiac issue, blood pressure problem, diabetes, stomach ulcers, etc. this drug is not recommended for use in pregnant women. If you get pregnant while using this medicine, then inform your doctor immediately. Breast feeding women should avoid having this drug. The medication is not advisable for use in adolescents.

How to buy Generic Nicorette?

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Therefore, place an order and enjoy the benefits. Generic Nicorette will help you to end your smoking habit with ease. Follow all the instruction for achieving best results. With proper use you will notice a difference within 6 weeks. Thus, enjoy a smoke free healthy life with the use of Generic Nicorette.