Urine Sample For Drug

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The CSI (CLIA Screen In-Vitro) Cup is a No Step, fully integrated self contained multi-drug screening cup. No tipping or turning required. Read results in 5 minutes. The cup is FDA Cleared and CLIA Waived. The CSI cup is a fast visual, competitive panel immunoassay that can be used for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of Urine Sample For Drug metabolites at specific cutoff levels in human urine.

Due to the increased usage of drug screening and testing, drug screening kits are getting rife all over. Also, the speedy drug screening kit has created the usage of drug testing kits additional well-liked, each at massive establishments tiny|and little|and tiny} places like small businesses and faculties.


Classification of drug screening kits

Drug testing kits is classified in keeping with totally different criteria, like federally regulated or non-federally regulated check, styles of specimen being tested, range and kinds of medicine to be tested, styles of testing technique in keeping with the kits, etc. a number of the drug screening devices square measure classified below, with relevancy styles of specimen to check, with samples of styles of drug testing kits on the market in every type.

Urine drug screening kits: this can be the foremost common variety of check being performed wide. during this, the piss sample is collected from the sample to investigate the drug traces. There square measure 3 styles of drug screening kits on the market here: dip type, container type, and cup type. In dip tests, the device is swayback into the sample to check the drug. In container type, the sample is collected in a very cup then transferred to device exploitation measuring system. In cup type, that is additional advanced, the sample is collected and at the same time screened for medication in a very cup.

Saliva drug screening kits: whereas there square measure disadvantages of privacy invasion and probabilities of adulteration in pass drug screening, spittle as a sample for drug testing offers convenience in each case. However, the drug being tested is detected, providing they were taken additional recently. All the styles of pass drug testing kits square measure used for a speedy drug screening, here. 

Fentanyl Drug testing screening kits: Hair samples square measure the foremost reliable sample for drug screening kits because the check will reveal the consumption of medicine even ninety days previous. The specimen is hairs from many components of the material body. this can be conjointly terribly troublesome to adulterate. the matter is that it's terribly laborious to try and do a Oral drug screen for this sample. There square measure several drug varieties that may be tested through hair drug testing.

Spray drug screening kits: These drug kits aren't abundant in use, but they're excellent as they forestall manipulation or adulteration. However, the amount of medicine that may be screened through this method is incredibly less.

Cup variety of drug testing kits squares measures on the market, wherever the cup is employed for each specimen assortment and testing, at the same time. It comes with a tamper proof seal, temperature sensing element, id label, slotted lid, etc... Handling is straightforward with the assistance from web-based coaching and certification procedures for this technique.


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