Understand the Whole Knowledge about Islam

Islam is one of the oldest religions of the world and there are billions of Muslims across the world. The interesting fact is that Muslims are united and they follow one particular god, prophets of the god called as Allah in Holy Quran. The Book Holy Quran is the sacred book for them. The term “Allah” has no plural gender and it is a personal name for one true god.

There are many facts about the Islam such as their Islamic Finance, the banking activity that is consistent with the Islamic law. The other general correct term that is used for Islamic finance is sharia finance. They accept and follow a specific rate of interest for the loan like riba and usury depends on upon the fixed and floating mode of payment.

The religion Islam was founded by Muhammad and he was a merchant from the city called Mecca. In the modern day at presently, it is known as Saudi Arabia. It was well organized and established the city for trading business across the globe. In the city Mecca the best pilgrimage center for Muslim is situated called as Kaaba.

Are you aware of the fact that like all other prophets of Islam, Jesus is also called as a Muslim? As they always promoted his followers to adopt the straight path in their entire life. If you want to know that do Muslims believe in Jesus, then the answer would be neutral. As many Muslim communities believe Jesus as a prophet but there are few communities do not support this statement entirely.

The practice of the religion Islam which literally means “to submit to god” is based on the five pillars of Islam. These five pillars of Islam are described as follows:

• The testimony of faith

• Daily five prayers

• Fasting in the month of Ramadan

• Mandatory charity

• A pilgrimage to Mecca

All the Muslims follow these principles in their religion precisely. For the Islamic beliefs, the most fundamental concept is the profession of faith, the shahada. And in the month of Ramadan they Muslims are expected to do fasting from dawn to dusk. In a whole day, they do five times daily prayers which are called as salat. In each time they do not need to go mosque they can pray from anywhere.

In their religion, they believe that they are meant to share their wealth with the needy person or charity. They can share their contribution of money to the fewer fortune people to get bless from them. All these are interesting facts about the religion Muslim