The ultimate choice of fashionable ladies - Cotton Tote Bags

Recent trends in shopping indicate saving our planet from pollution as the main agenda! Plastic shopping bags are a definite no in major shopping malls & happy   to see that they insist on selling cotton tote bags at a nominal price as carry bags.

This makes the consumer aware of the hazards, especially of atmospheric pollution through plastic that can continue over the years. Plastic bags when put in landfills, vitiate the mother earth, harming the crop. If at all they are swept into the ocean they form the main cause of wanton killing of marine life.

Cotton tote bags manufactured by reputed Green Bags UAE, are self-destroyable or bio-degradable within a short period of time after being discarded and hence do not harm the environment. What’s more, they are reusable too!

Cotton carry bags are tough, yet resilient

Considering their inherent strength Cotton tote bags  prove useful in carrying groceries, which are usually indented in bulk quantity, from supermarkets to the home. Cotton material is more wear worthy than plastic  & prove more reliable than paper bags that tend to rupture if exposed to moisture. has a wide variety of high quality innovative cotton, jute, paper & canvas bags that can be personalised to promote your business or for your daily needs!  We are the premium wholesalers and retailers of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. We believe every individual has a social responsibility to reduce the environmental impact!