Top Myths about the Waist Trainer Debunked!

As I was talking to my sister-in-law about getting a waist trainer, I saw her expression change from surprise to something short of disgust. Honestly, I was expecting it. Anyone who has not been reading about waist trainer Australia would probably react the same way. So many myths accompany this piece of lingerie that if you are thinking about getting one, people listening to you will think you are either too lazy to exercise, have a strange penchant for torture devices, or both. Well, they’re untrue. Let’s start with these two myths first and move on to the many others. 

A waist trainer is a lazy woman’s best friend

First and foremost, the Waist Trainer you are looking at right now is not designed to help you lose weight (sorry, ladies). They can complement a lower calorie diet and a stringent exercise regime, but in no way promote weight loss on their own. They are, however, created to train your body into having an hourglass silhouette. As you may have noticed, most women who wear Waist Trainer Australia do not necessarily become skinny all over their body. They can, however, expect to have smaller waists over time, if they are wearing the right kind of waist trainer. 

A waist trainer is a torture device

There is a lot of discourse that goes on about women’s body image in general. The thing is, while these constructs of beauty do exist, no one is actually putting a knife on your throat to wear a Waist Trainer. It is always a choice. Besides, the right waist trainer should not make you feel like you are being tortured. In fact, those who wear waist trainers (at least the good kind) are less likely to suffer from internal organ compression compared to a pregnant woman. In fact, even activities everyday can cause compressions in your ng. These include sitting down, exercising and so on. 

You need 20 bones to make a good waist trainer

No you don’t. There is no magic number for a good Waist Trainer Australia. What you need are good materials, proper positioning of the bones, and excellent vertical tension. Without these things, your waist trainer can give you very little control (and training) around the waist. You also run the risk of hurting yourself if your waist trainer is poorly made. 

Expensive waist trainers are robbing you off

Personally, I think cheap waist trainers that promise things that are too good to be true are more likely to rob you. As with makeup, a good Waist Trainer Australia will cost you more money, but the payoff is good. The designing process and construction of waist trainers take time, study, and excellent materials. The machines that create these trainers cost money. You are paying for the investment of someone else who actually made sure you are getting a trainer that will not hurt you. 

You will work your way down to the smallest size when you waist train

This is more inaccurate than untrue. You will work your way to a curvier waist trainer as you progress. Waist trainers only really work on eliminating the girth of your waist. Unless your waist training is accompanied by weight loss because you have been exercising more or eating less, size is not the factor waist training advocates are most concerned about.