Top Makeover Games

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This article will be informative and helpful for those players who love makeover games. The makeover game named Beauty Salon will please you and give fun. As the autumn is coming nearer every girl needs to protect their skin. Sonia is the protagonist of the game Beauty Salon and in this game Sonia takes a day off in order to attend the beauty salon to get fresher look to be ready for the upcoming autumn. Firstly, she starts the rejuvenation with a face procedure, after that she continues the procedure with hair treatment and a total hair makeover. Sonia feels like she is in a real spa. After playing this game Sonia will have a completely new look. You can try all the hair styles and in addition discover new extra bonus accessories. There are 3 amazing levels and 9 unique hairstyles and some bonus accessories available in this game. You will definitely enjoy playing Beauty Salon - Makeover game by visiting

Another similar game is called Digi Makeover which is a harmless dress-up game aimed at teenager girls. There is a big variety of hairstyles available in this game that you can try to see whether or not they fit your model. Some players said, however, that the majority of hairstyles do not look realistic. It is a real fun to be able to change eye color and try various makeup options and styles. Be careful not to remove all the previous actions with a simple click. Make your model glamorous so that she shines on the first page of a glamourous magazine. This game aims at young girls playing dress-up games. Stylish outfit, modern hairstyles and make up trends that you can explore and try on your models. Match nice blouses with shorts and add accessoried in addition to the looks the models will have due to you.

Fairy Dress Up is also highly popular among female players. Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends become gorgeous in this stylish and trendy Dress Up Game. This game will mainly interest fashionistas. You will find yourself in the magical world of fairies in a fabulous dress up. Meet the characters of the game - Tinkerbell, Lily, Blossom and Tianna, four different fairies having completely different styles. All you need to do is to dress up these fairies with new unique outfits and find out which style fits them best. Tinkerbellis a modern fairy who can get a total makeover choosing from lots of trendy dresses and pants and a casual shirt. She is ok with any style you want to try on her, she is not complicated and will not make any trouble for you.

There are thousands of clothes, dresses, hairstyles and accessory combinations available in the game to choose from in this ultimate fairy dress up, makeover game created for girls. All the styles are fantastic and you are free to dress-up the fairies the way you like. This game is highly enjoyed by all the girl players.