Top 3 reasons to delete or deactivate yahoo account

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One morning you woke up and thought of accessing your old Yahoo account, but unfortunately unable to access. Seems it has disappeared from the Yahoo server. Yahoo might have deactivated your account. But, why? Reasons can be anything. It might be because you have not used that account for long. Moreover, if you are using your Yahoo account for any malicious intent; then your active email address may suddenly disappear without any prior warning. Deactivation of your Yahoo Account will always occur on the basis of your account's activity or a request made from your account. You are searching for direct Yahoo email service phone number, but couldn’t find any. This is because there is no direct number for Yahoo. If you are looking for the reason, why your Yahoo account has been deleted by Yahoo!; then you can check the reason mentioned below. Check it out!!

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1.Someone Might Have Applied A Request To Delete Or Deactivate Your Account If you are not able to sign into your Yahoo account; every time you attempt to log in it says the account doesn’t exist; then it is quite obvious that you might have mistakenly requested to delete your account. In case, it wasn’t you; someone having access to your account password has manually deleted your account from your Account Deletion page without your consent.

2.You Have Not Used Your Yahoo For 1 Year Or Even More If you have not used your Yahoo account for last 1 year; then that account will be considered dormant and it is quite probable that Yahoo! might have deleted the account from its server. According to a recent announcement, Yahoo! deactivates the inactive account as a part of its cleaning house initiative. So, in order to avoid such critical scenarios, try being active as much as possible.

3.Someone Has Reported Your Account As Spam Or Your Account Violates The Terms Of Service Predefined By Yahoo If you are pretty sure that the above-mentioned reasons cannot be the cause behind deactivation of your account; then someone has marked it as spam or while using the account you might have broken any of the policies in Yahoo’s Terms of Service. Hope, this blog was informative and helped you to dig out the actual reason behind your inactive account. In case, you are unable to find the exact cause; then you can call to the experts via Yahoo helpline service phone number  +1-855-510-0777  and talk to them about your issue for instant help.

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