Stay Protected with Hard Shell Personal Protective Gear

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When it comes to self protection one become more extra conscious and gathered all equipments/accessories required depend upon the situation arises to safe oneself and near & dear ones. If the threat is from bullets, knife or being stabbed body armour is the ultimate ballistic solution.

For surviving in high risk security environments wearing body armour is must as it ensure maximum safety to the wearer. Now a day’s very lightweight bulletproof vest popularly known as concealable designed to wear covert means under the shirt and it is so lightweight almost the same weight of our undergarments one wear under shirt. Hence, we can wear it on daily basis as it seems to be very comfortable and provide enhanced protection. Concealable vest is basically for civilians, VIP’s, low profile officers etc. But before buying any type of body armor kindly check twice whether that body armor you opted is rated for right type of bullet. Always try to buy those vests which do not restrict movement and provide improved comfort.

Basically, at Hard Shell we offer two types of armor named as – Soft armor and Hard (plate) armor. Both can be used alone or can be used in conjunction with each other depending upon the threat level required and the task scenario. Soft armor consists of levels II and IIIA, and can protect you from bullets. Level III protection is designed to stop rifle rounds, while Level IV can provide protection from rounds that pierce other types of armor. Soft armor seems to protect wearer from blunt force trauma whereas hard armour has the capacity to withstand high projectile bullets.

Hard Shell as vertically integrated company has in house capability to weave Kevlar and manufacture various design and threat level of body armor for their prospective customers. Our body armour solutions are designed for high intensity law enforcement, corrections, SWAT and military units. Apart from torso protection, we also offers Protective Head Gear called Ballistic helmet which meet NIJ IIIA standards and sure maximum safety to the wearer’s head from high projectile bullets.

Hard Shell offers a complete solution for personal protection products. Please feel free to visit our for more details on our product profile or email us at