Shopping For A Silk Saree ? Try Getting Silk Sarees Online

Silk Sarees have a long history in India and silk can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization around 2450 to 2000 BC. There is evidence though to suggest silk was first used in China about 2570 BC. 97 % of silk in India is produced from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. India has traditionally been a country where Silk Sarees have a long history and associated with Royalty and the Upper class. Traditionally silk sarees have been produced at Kanchipuram, Pochampally, Mysore, Arani, Banaras, Dharmavaram, Murshidabad and Assam where there are three different types of silk produced namely Muga, Eri and Pat silk.

Silk Sarees in India have been traditionally used for a wedding or festive occasions and the silk trades accounts for about US $ 248.59 with China producing 54 % of the world wide silk and India 14 %. Silk has been a product of trade since around early times and the silk route was a great trade route for the cultures of China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greek and Rome.  

Originally silk saree shopping was a big occasion to a brick and mortar shop but today you can buy any silk saree from a Tussar Silk or Banarasi, Kanjeevaram or Mysore silk online and the variety available will amaze you. Virtually every dealer in Silk sarees has an outlet online as the market has shown a significant increase in online shopping. There are primarily 15 Types of silk sarees you can buy today online namely ; cotton silk sarees , Raw Silk Sarees , Crape Silk sarees , Bandhani Silk Sarees , Paithani Sarees , Tanchoi Silk , Chanderi Silk , Mysore Silk , Konrad Silk , Baluchari silk , Art Silk Sarees , Bhagalpuri silk sarees , Tussar Silk sarees , Kanjeevaram silk sarees and Banarasi silk sarees .

It doesn’t matter what variety of silk sarees you are looking for, the widest selection is available on the internet with virtually any design you can think off. The rates are also competent and some of the best bargains are available online. You don’t have to now spend a whole afternoon travelling in the hot sun or rain from one shop to another, with online shopping you can choose from the widest range just from your mobile device or PC.

Times have changed and with as much as 54 % to 60 % purchases done today online, the traditional silk business has also reinvented itself to address this new market demographic. Silk Sarees are displayed with models with most attractive presentation and shopping online is the latest trend among consumers, even traditional brick and mortar shop have confided in the drop in footfall to their outlets but getting business online. So, if you have never shopped online, the time is now to just go through the vast collection available online and be the next proud owner of a Bandhani Silk saree got online.