Seven Best Hairstyles For Long Hair

Longer hair is growing trend for 2017. We asked the top stylists at the best Manhattan barber shop to tell us about the most extraordinary haircuts for this summer. Check them out!


#1 Man bun

For those guys who have long or middle length hair. During the summer it can be too hot to let your mane down, try to vary your style with a simple bun. The great thing is that you can wear it on the top of the head and prevent it hinder you. For a more brutal look - grow up a beard to look like a Khal in the Game of Thrones.


#2 Long side part hair

For those guys who have just started to grow their mane. Looks terrific with a middle length. You will look like a surfer with a dark skin and hair, which will air on the wind.


#3  Loose and messy combover

For those men who like to stay cool with a fade on the sides and stylish with a long fringe on one side. A little amount of a hair pomade will help you to fix the hairstyle for all the day.


#4 Long slick back + facial hair

Looks so magnificent and brutal at the same time. Long slicked back fringe will bring a classic note to your look and a beard will tell everyone about your wild side.


#5 Long side fringe + low fade

Low fade on one side and long fringe on another. Looks cool without any styling. It will be cooler if you have wavy or curly hair. If you do sports regularly, you can just make a bun and hair won’t hinder you.


#6 Long wavy hair + messy look

For those luckies who have wavy and curly mane. A really grunge look for rockers who don’t care about their style at all. Looks more terrific if you just mess hair up with your hands.


#7 Long hair + undercut + ponytail

Combo for guys who want to stay unique and stylish with no heating and mane. Long hair on the top and trimmed on sides and back. Ponytail makes your look terrific and extraordinary.


Stay cool and confident with any hairstyle during this summer.


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