The Scratching Post: Carolina Panthers News 7/30/16

Greetings, internet users. Welcome to The Scratching Post.Here's some reading material from outside CSR for you to consume. More than 22,000 fans attended the first practice of training camp I wasn't there so I can't confirm or deny this, but that's a big number. I didn't even know Gibbs Stadium could hold a crowd that large.Kelvin Benjamin looked great in his return to practice So glad to see this. Our offense is going to be nearly unstoppable with him and an improved Devin Funchess at wide receiver. Add in Greg Olsen and the running game and it's almost unfair.Max Henson shares five observations from day one of training camp Hopefully Star's hamstring condition doesn't linger and is only a temporary setback at the start of camp.Feel free to discuss these links, or use this thread to chat about anything you want: video games, food, non-football sports, you name it. As long as it's allowed by the site's ToS then it's fair game here.You know the drill.This is now an open thread!