SAP Certified Technology Associate C_HANATEC_11 Exam Preparation Material

The "SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)" certification exam assesses the candidate’s familiarity in the area of the SAP HANA (SPS11) meant for the profile of an SAP HANA technology consultant. This credential builds on the fundamental acquaintance gained in the course of SAP HANA preparation and preferably polished by handy experience within an SAP HANA project team, whereby the consultant applies the gained comprehension practically in projects.

To ascertain success, SAP suggest combining instruction courses and practical experience to practice for your certification exam as questions will check your capability to apply the comprehension you have gained in training. C_HANATEC_11

This exam assesses your aptitude to achieve the technical responsibilities listed below. The percentages specify the relative weight of each key topic area on the test. The higher the percentage, the more queries you are liable to see on that content part on the exam.

·         System Architecture 8% - 12%

            Designing system architecture used for an SAP HANA execution that comprises hardware sizing, data persistence, network necessities and incorporates with the on hand customer landscape.


·         Users and Authorization 8% - 12%

            Explain the SAP HANA authorization notion, the diverse types of rights and the SAP HANA database repository. Install authorization traces.


·         Security 8% - 12%

            Illustrate the SAP HANA endorsement and validation concepts, and install encryption and auditing meant for SAP HANA.


·         High Availability & Disaster Tolerance 8% - 12%

            Devise a policy for lofty availability and disaster recovery; elucidate the elevated accessibility and system duplication features of SAP HANA.


·         Backup & Recovery 8% - 12%

            Plan a backup and recovery sketch, for SAP HANA, and recognize the backup catalog and the configuration files. Clarify database copy scenarios.


·         Troubleshooting of SAP HANA 8% - 12%

            Troubleshoot SAP HANA organization performance by constructing traces, analyzing system files and utilizing SQL console.


·         Monitoring of SAP HANA 8% - 12%

            Install and carry out monitoring for SAP HANA utilizing DBA Cockpit, SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA Cockpit as well as the trace files.


·         Functions of SAP HANA 8% - 12%

            Design an management and operations policy for SAP HANA that comprises starting and stopping, performance investigation and transport supervision using SAP HANA Studio and HDBSQL.


·         SAP HANA setting up & Upgrade 8% - 12%

            Assess pre-requisites intended for a SAP HANA installation, validate hardware and operation systems, as well as explain installation and post-installation errands.


·         Database relocation to SAP HANA 8% - 12%

            Explain the DMO benefits, the DMO process steps, the diverse relocation options, the preparation steps meant for DMO and the methods to diminish downtime.