PLC Automation Training Aurangabad

Our vision is not only just to present information but we actually want to train PLC, SCADA and services in PLC to our customers.

Engineers rolling out from the college posses a theoretical knowledge. This theoretical knowledge may not be sufficient for the Industries Technological demands. Hence there is a Technological gap between the Fresh Engineering Students and the Industries Demand Today every Engineers needs to undergo the Industrial Automation Training Program. This Training Program is been design for the fresh engineers to equip the latest Technologies of PLC SCADA Automation Programming that the industries demand I.e. (Chemical, Oil, Gas Pharmaceutical & Food etc.) other automation tools so We at Teknocrat’s Academy of Automation and Control Technology (TAACT) understand all your needs so we customize our Automation trainings for PLC, SCADA so as to deliver the knowledge exactly you wanted to gain and also provide a best, efficient automation

The Training Program develops the Engineers to independently work with latest technologies of the Modern Industries as PLC Programmer, Design Engineer, Testing Engineer, Application Engineer, Development Engineer with companies in Industrial Automation termed as who Executes Project in POWER PLANT/STEEL PLANT/ CEMENT PLANT/OIL & GAS PLANT & Many more.

that one can deal with increasing competition in automation.

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