Modbus – Data Acquisition has Become More Convenient and Streamlined !

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Before we delve deep into what is Modbus protocol and how it can be used, we should collect a few details related to data acquisition process. This is a process which helps ins acquiring data from sensors. It can also be used to convert the collected data into the numeric values so that it can be manipulated by the computer. While using the remote-data acquisition systems, an operator can monitor as well as control the application with the help of a central computer on the basis of the information that is received through it. This data can be further used to control the logic operations such as turning on the pump on the basis of tank’s level or turning on the fan on the basis of the temperature at the room. As far as remote-data acquisition systems are concerned, they are often simple, easy to use, light and compact.

It’s the data-acquisition technology that delivers unprecedented level of benefits for different industries. There are also many applications designed for data acquisition. Among all these applications, the Modbus module is something that has managed to appear as a great choice for many these days. Well, the data acquisition process can be segregated into different forms and that often depends on the types of communication protocols which are used. Among all these formats, Modbus RTU data acquisition equipment and TCP data acquisition device have managed to draw most attention.

How the Modbus RTU and TCP data acquisition equipments work?

As far as Modbus is concerned, this one is the communication protocol and also a widely used one. It’s the automation industry that has offered a great importance to the use of Modbus. Modbus was announced by Modicon during the year 1979 in order to make the best use Programmable-Logic-Controllers. Even when Modbus RTU equipment is connected to 255 other devices, it can keep the communication look easier. This is an open module and due to this reason it has been used widely. This is also a royalty free module and its installation and maintenance is always easy.

Modbus can also be used to connect the supervisory computing device with the RTU or known as Remote Terminal Input within a SCADA system. While using master slave architecture, Modbus RTU is designed. This open protocol can be used to make data acquisition look less hassling. RTU is also a common protocol from Modbus that is greatly used for the industrial applications. When you have Modbus RTU at your disposal, you can connect this with the PC for which SCADA software is already assigned and can access and view data in real time basis.

The next one in this segment is the Modbus TCP which is a simple as well as vendor-neutral-communication protocol that uses to support the Ethernet connection. In the recent time, Ethernet is assigned for several industrial applications as it is easy to integrate, cheap and comes with high bandwidth. So, integrating this with the SCADA system is always easy. Data acquisition through Modbus TCP has offered businesses a great solution in terms of faster processing and interoperability of data.

Archer Finch understands the importance of data acquisition at different industries. Modbus protocol can really help in accessing data on a real time basis once used with the SCADA system.