MCSA SQL Server 2012: The Prominent Features Of SQL Server 2012

Before you opt for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate SQL Server 2012 certification, you ought to know the prominent features of the same. The relational database management system, that was developed Microsoft, was upgraded in the year 2012 to add the following features:

Database Mirroring Advancement:

SQL Server 2012 introduces the AlwaysOn feature with which the users are able to use multiple databases in the groups, against its individual usage. The secondary copies are more readable in this and these could be used for taking database backups.

The Windows Server Support:

With SQL Server 2012, the users could get Windows Server Core Support. Core is a version of windows that lacks GUI and uses PowerShell and DOS for the user interaction. It requires about 50 percent lesser memory needs lesser patches and is highly secure in nature.

Read-Only Indexes:

SQL Server 2012 has a new feature of Columnstore Indexes. This is the newest feature in the SQL Servers and is formulated to be used in association of Data Warehouse queries. It has the advantage of grouping and storing the data in a flat and compressed column index, which reduced the Input/Output and use of memory for large queries.

Customized Database Roles:

Database Administrators possess the ability of creating customized database roles, but these are not server-wide. With the help of SQL Server 2012, the Database Administrators could create roles which have the access to read and write on each Database on the server, even on any other custom server.

Improved Auditing Qualities:

Auditing Feature was basically available in all the editions of SQL Servers. With the introduction of SQL Server 2012, the users have the capability of defining custom audit specifications and this assists in writing the custom events in audit log. The Server also has a filtering feature to offer higher agility for deciding the events which are to be written to the log.

Sequence Objects Support:

The Sequence Objects feature has been mighty awaited with SQL. The sequence is said to be an object whose use could be made to augment values in tables on the basis of trigger.

PowerView Support:

With Project Crescent, you might have heard of PowerView, which is a dominant self-service Business Intelligence toolkit. This toolkit facilitates the users in creating amalgamation of Business Intelligent reports from all over the Organization.

Big Data Support:

SQL Server 2012 also includes Microsoft Office, with the release of ODBC driver for SQL servers. Microsoft is also up, building connectors for Hardoop and this is a really admired NoSQL platform.

With all these features, MCSA Windows Server 2012 Certification could really make a mark in offering you the most lucrative Database-related roles. The credential requires you to pass a set of three exams (Exams 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463).

However, you could also opt for online courses that allow you to pass Microsoft Certifications without taking exams. And with this credential, you could enhance your chances of attaining a desirable database job with immense monetary benefits too.