Manage Your School with the Most Advance Management Products of Sharad Technologies

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The world is digitizing and you should not be a step back. You should be in the latest trend as now everything is on computer and technology rather than on pen and paper.

For that you need a partner to assist you in this digital world and Sharad Technologies could be the one you are searching for.

If you are a school owner or someone from the management team of the school and finding a right solution that could help you in managing your school efficiently then you should go for school management software released by Sharad Technologies to resolve your entire school management problem. The product helps both the management and the parents to keep the track record of the activities of the child.

Their automated school management system helps even in bridging the gap between the teachers and the parents and both of them can even chat at any instance of time about the child’s activities in classroom, sports and co curricular activities. The application helps in managing the track record of the attendance and can generate a report based on that.

It also helps in keeping an eye on the student’s activities. It also records the Log in and Log out time of the students. It helps them taking the disciplinary actions and a detail report can be send to the parents.

Rather than software the company has released mobile apps for the parents to keep an eye on their child while they are on the go. The app facilitates the interaction between the parents and teachers. They have released both Android and ios versions of the app.

Their product also helps the parents and schools to get notify about the lists of holidays, notification of special events and the fee payment reminders. Their product is integrated with SMS API (Application Programming Interface) by using which school management can send SMS to the parents.

The whole activities can be recorded and overview so in this way students will be aware and will not get misguided. Their all activities will be directly monitored by the parents and school management both.

Their product is one of the best software for school management system by using which both school and parents can keep an eye on the child.

If you have a school then and now getting admissions and if it is growing very well then you should quit the traditional method of managing it on the pen and paper and go for school management software product by Sharad Technologies.