Know About Different Handloom Sarees of Bengal

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The traditional nine yards clothing of India is a wonderfully versatile outfit for women of every age group. The variety that is available for sarees is overwhelming in terms of the textiles, the designs and the variety in the embroidery works to name a few. The traditional sarees of each state is very much different from each other and the same applies to the sarees of Bengal. The handloom sarees of Bengal are some of the most famous and unique sarees you can find. Here is a detailed insight about them that you need to know before you go for shopping.

How to identify handloom sarees?

The traditional Bengali handloom sarees is one of the best there is. A true Bengali who has been growing up in a Bengali family background would be able to recognize any handloom that originates in Bengal. There are several types of handloom from Bengal which includes Tant, Jamdani, Muslin, Garad, Korial, Baluchari, Tussar, Murshidabad silk, Kantha are the most popular of the handloom sarees which are available in Bengal.

How to recognize them

The most popular Bengal handloom is the Tant which is exclusively cotton handloom. The texture is light and airy and perfect for everyday wear. The body is usually relatively plain and you can find floral, paisley and similar motifs as variants in the design. Jamdani too, is a feather light fine woven sarees. They used to be pure cotton but in the contemporary times, they are available in blends of cotton and silk to impart a glossy finish. It intricate motifs and the ultra fine almost transparent fabric is the recognizing factor of the sarees. Muslin is a very exotic and sheer fabric with glossy texture that is woven in a similar manner like Jamdani but is very durable. This is one of the most expensive sarees that you will find while searching for handloom sarees online.

Where to buy them?

You can easily find all kinds of Bengal handloom at any online store. Simply filter the categories of handloom silk sarees from the stores and you would find the entire range available from Bengal. The Bengal handloom sarees online are also some of the most affordable yet gorgeous choices that you have when you are shopping online. There are several stores exclusively dedicated to sarees from all over Bengal which you can visit and look through the products on your own.