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Whether it is divorce or a separation, both can have serious impacts on the future of the children. Parties sometimes do not agree on issues involving their children. Some parents even think of relocating with their children, but our Kansas City Kansas Family Lawyers in Overland Park can help you understand how big of an impact it can have on the children and on the other parent.

Kansas City Kansas family lawyers in Overland Park believes that relocation is an important issue that requires the assistance of an attorney in almost every circumstance. Some may feel after a divorce or separation, that relocating can result in a positive change, like a fresh start, higher income or more family support elsewhere.

But if a parent wants to relocate, they will generally have to state their reasons to the court if the other parent objects. In many cases, a court will frown upon relocation requests where the children are moved away from the other parent. It is also vital as well to understand the laws when attempting to relocate with a child no matter whether you are the relocating parent or the parent seeking to object to relocation.

There are times when the process is done quickly where both parties agree, but more often it takes much longer where the parties do not agree. These cases can become extremely stressful and overwhelming, but this is where our Kansas City Kansas family lawyers in Overland Park can assist.

‘In most cases, relocation requests can be looked upon skeptically by the court where both parents are involved in the lives of the children. However, there are some cases where the facts might allow for it.’

When relocation matters become an issue, our Overland Park Kansas Divorce Lawyers in Johnson County has the experience and knowledge to assist you through it.

Kansas City Kansas divorce lawyers in Johnson County explain some of the Kansas Law on Relocation:

Below are some of the things the court may look at in a relocation case:

  • Where a party intends to move: This includes the address and telephone number if a party know them. If a party does not know them, they generally must provide the city and state, as well as the date of the intended to move.
  • The reasons a party wants to move with the children: Parents must generally inform the court the reasons they wish to move.
  • A proposal for a new schedule of custody or visitation: If custody and visitation will be affected, a reasonable schedule should generally be outlined.

Need for Kansas City Kansas Family Lawyers in Overland Park:

Hiring an attorney will help you get through this process in a relocation case. There are certainly some legal requirements for which you will want to speak to an attorney about before you attempt to move or if you seek to object to the other parent moving.

Kansas City Kansas Family Lawyers in Overland Park will help you with all the necessary requirements no matter the circumstance you face.

When it comes to your family law matters, hiring a dedicated and experienced law attorney will almost always benefit you. Because of the vast spectrum of challenges that come with family law issues, it is advisable to have an attorney. The Kansas City Kansas Family Lawyers in Overland Park at Stange Law Firm, PC are here to assist you with the issues that exist in your family law case. Effective solutions and trust are what an individual needs when going through a family law matter. It is also to have representation to ensure that all the legal requirements are met, including the filing of the correct paperwork and the meeting of critical deadlines.

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