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There has been a correlation that higher intellectual property rights relates to higher lifestyle and economic status of the country. Intellectual property law in Singapore combines several indicators, including judicial independence, the respect for law in relations between a country's citizen and the administration, property rights, citizen confidence in the police force, the enforceability of contracts, direct financial fraud, law and order, and it also measures the existence of the rule of law.

IP Alpha provides crucial IP related services in Singapore that are helpful to business owners and individuals alike. The laws of copyright govern written works, the narratives in movies and television broadcasts, and most photographic and cinematographic images and icons. With significant services of protecting Trademarks, service marks, and the little "®" sign that protect corporation's logos and advertising art it is indispensable part of intellectual property.

Today with advanced technology and internet at fingertips the violation of intellectual property is at an all time high. Intellectual Property Rights Attorney is providing substantial services by defending the creative rights of individuals.

There are two types of intellectual property rights, copyright and industrial, that attorneys defend against different aspects of intellectual property. Copyright law includes anything that is artistic in nature, such as literary or musical works, are protected against duplication.

Industrial property rights protected by IP attorneys consists of distinctive things like trademarks and symbols. It is violation of rights when your corporation’s logo or symbol is imitated nor can anyone pass off any creative accomplishment as their own. Intellectual property rights can protect both individuals and companies.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights has become more important with the rapid rate of technological expansion as there are many instances of copyright and industrial infringements which are becoming ever more prevalent. These laws of IP are in place to ensure the growth and expansion of arts communities and to protect those who create unique properties. To guarantee the fullest and most thorough protection, it is most advisable for you to hire an IP attorney.

IP attorneys are best professionals to approach when ay violation occurs as they have knowledge and you are assured of getting the maximum level of defense from legal system by hiring a lawyer as the safest bet.

IP Alpha, located in Singapore, consist of experts and associates of international IP practitioners, as well as IP attorneys, ****ysts, qualified PMC-SBACC consultants in IP, and Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) designated experts. IP Alpha experts have assisted regional and international clients to draft and file IP.

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