ILGA Specializes in Produzione articoli tecnici in gomma

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The attributes of rubber like highly water proof, a large stretch ratio and high resilience makes it an extremely of good use material that can be used for a wide variety of programs either alone or in combination with other components. Approximately 60 % of the usage of rubber is due to to the tire production industry that is global. The remaining rubber usage is employed to manufacture a wide selection of products such as rubber mulch rubber boots, rubber-bands, and a great deal more. An approximate 4-million tons of natural rubber and 7 million tons of artificial rubber are created to make more than 50,000 various products for every-day use.

Molding tecnici in gomma and rubber processing for several industrial applications is a specialty of ILGA. ILGA has established itself immediately as a leader in the field of manufacturing and molding articoli tecnici. With more than 70 70 years of experience in the industry, ILGA is offering support, versatility, expertise and professionalism from the beginning of a project before the realization of articoli tecnici in gomma is is completed.

The greatest consumers of rubber are tires and tubes. is also employed as glues in several products and industrial applications. Vulcanization and adding sulfur are employed to improve the attributes of natural rubber. Rubber exceeded the production of natural rubber from the 1960s and today, synthetic rubber is utilized in a variety of industrial applications , including printing.

ILGA is an organization which specializes in molding and rubber processing of tecnici in gomma for all industrial applications. ILGA has established itself instantly as a leader in the field of molding and production of tecnici ever since it had been founded in 1946. ILGA provides knowledge, flexibility, professionalism and help in the beginning of a task until the realization of tecnici in gomma is completed. To obtain more details on Stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma please discover this info here

Large industrial businesses, mainly in the machinery sectors, chemical, mechanical, food and wine, and hydraulic plant are serviced by ILGA. Using various techniques of molding such as injection and compression transfer -compression, it relates to the production of articoli tecnici in gomma.