How to Take Care of Your Car?

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The car costs a certain amount of dough, and thanks to recent record-high gas prices it takes more of your hard-earned money than ever before. But while you can't always control ownership costs such as fuel, repairs and insurance rates, one thing you do have power over is making your car last longer and maintaining its value. Here you have a choice: Either spend money on a new car every few years or keep your current car running great and looking sharp. If you decide to go the latter route, follow these 10 tips from  Auto Wreckers Toronto for the long life of your car. to help keep your ride rolling.   Breathe Easier Even the most mechanically challenged drivers know to change a car's oil and oil filter on a regular basis even if they don't always do it. But other fluids and filters also need regular maintenance. For example, changing your air filter helps your car breathe easier and the engine lasts longer. "If your air filter is clogged, your engine is not performing properly," notes Jack Nerad, editorial director and executive market ****yst for Kelley Blue Book. "It also hurts your fuel economy, and it can harm the engine over the long term."   Keep It Cool Maintaining your car's cooling system and the proper coolant level is as important as making sure the engine is well lubed and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. "A cooling system failure can result in your engine literally melting down," warns Nerad. "Because of lack of proper coolant and maintenance of hoses, you can have major problems."   Pressure Check Tires are often the most neglected part of a car, Nerad adds. "Most people don't pay much attention to keeping their tires at the right inflation pressure," he says. "And it's not only bad for the car, the tires, and fuel economy, but it's also a safety issue. The simple step of keeping the tires up to proper pressure is valuable all the way around," he adds, "and it essentially costs almost nothing."   Fully En-Gauged If there is a problem with your oil pressure, cooling system or even tire pressure on the latest vehicles, your car's gauges will tell you — if you're paying attention to them. "The vast majority of people don't," remarks Nerad. "That's why manufacturers went to 'idiot lights' to give a clear indication of when there's a problem. The above tips are use full for the cars long life.This is precautions only, unfortunately, our car has reached the in running condition or look like old junk car stage.   In this stage also we can able to help to your self.At Canadian Auto Wreckers, we recognize that many of our competitors offer free junk car removal. But much fewer offer free junk car removal and cash on the spot.Canadian's Toronto Auto Wreckers offers free vehicle removal and top-dollar on the spot, immediately upon retrieving your vehicle. If you own an old or outdated car, truck, van or SUV which requires removal, and you could use a few extra dollars, feel free to call [(647)-704-8500] Auto Wreckers Toronto or visit our website( now and a vehicle valuation specialist will provide you with a competitive quote for your Scrap car in only a few minutes.