How to replace broken iPhone 6s screen


If the screen of iPhone 6s falls to crashed, after-sales will offer free warranty? If you buy an insurance of broken screen, then you can go to the official outlets or authorized stores to go for a free screen. Otherwise it is considered as human behavior, you need pay money for warranty on yourself. Official offer for repair is usually very expensive. If you have a good DIY skill on replacing screen, then you can choose to buy an iPhone 6s screen replacement from Cell Phone Age com for repair by yourself.


Notice that Hong Kong version iPhone 6s is not always can for warranty. There are only other stores in China mainland cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai can offer warranty. Other places are not warranty. Additional Korean version, Singapore version, United States version and Japan version in mainland China do not enjoy warranty service.


First look at the composition of the iPhone 6s screen. The screen is divided into external screen + touch screen + LCD screen. If only broken glass, the other is normal, it is necessary to change the screen enough. But for the external screen technology requirements are high. The general shop has no equipment simply and can’t change the screen alone. Because the several layers of the iPhone 6s screen are bonded together, you must first split the screen and the outer screen. The cost of the external screen is still much cheaper than for a whole screen assembly, the general store which has no equipment for external screen will give you change the whole screen.


If the iPhone 6s mobile phone screen is cracked so that can’t be touch, or white bars, black, color, and this is to change the entire screen assembly, the difficulty for iPhone 6s is higher than the iPhone 6, because 6s have 3Dtouch function. So you need look for trusted repair Shop, otherwise there may be broken your touch function.


Although the appearance may be similar to previous model iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6S contains a number of new features, including A9 processor, support 3D Touch function, a resolution of 1334 X 750 pixel retina HD display, support shooting 4K video 12 million Pixel iSight camera, and Taptic Engine. 3D Touch makes the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus according to the size of the user press the screen to make a different response. Taptic Engine is also used in Apple Watch, the user touch the display will produce vibration or other touch.


IPhone 6S Taptic Engine is located in the battery below, take up more space, which may also be slightly smaller iPhone 6S iPhone 6 reasons. IFixit team found that iPhone 6S battery capacity is also slightly shrink, the purpose may be for the Taptic Engine and slightly larger size of the display space. IPhone 6S battery capacity of 1715 mAh, lower than the iPhone 6 1810 mAh. Will life time be shortened? According to Apple said no.


Apple said to its employees that it would take a lot of time to fix these problems in a store, which could have been used to solve other problems. If a user agrees to send his iPhone to the off-site service center for diagnosis and repair, the user will be able to get a 16GB version of the iPhone 6 during maintenance. Apple expects the OTC repair center will take 3 to 5 business days to complete the repair process.


For off-site maintenance operations, allowing users to send their iPhone to off-site service center for diagnosis, repair or even replacement is a major change, which means that users in the face of certain problems will have to wait for the most A week of work week, while temporarily with a smaller capacity of the basic iPhone. Store staff said that Apple's internal automatic system will determine whether the iPhone needs to be sent to the off-site maintenance center, which means that the staff of the decision-making will be recovered.


According to Apple said iPhone 6S use 3G network talk time up to 14 hours, standby time of 10 days, the same with the iPhone 6. IPhone 6S battery capacity shrinking and life time is not shrinking the reasons may be improved chip efficiency. IPhone 6S Plus many components and features the same with the iPhone 6S, but configure the 5.5-inch display. It is said, iPhone 6S Plus battery capacity less 165 mAh to 2750 mAh than the iPhone 6 Plus.


In the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, both displays is first need to remove the components, reducing the difficulty of maintenance on screen. In addition, the battery is also easy to disassemble. However, Touch ID cable with the motherboard together to improve the difficulty of demolition. Both phones use specially designed screws that require a dedicated screwdriver. For ordinary users, this may be a problem, but for Apple technical staff does not matter.


As we all know the repair cost of iPhone screen is much expensive, while the latest iPhone6s / 6s Plus screen due to the integration of 3D Touch technology, maintenance costs naturally rise. Although the new iPhone's body strength will not change again, but the problem of phone screen fragmentation is still the vast majority of mobile phones are facing. Those who have been buying an iPhone 6s screen from Cell Phone Age com need to pay attention, Or choose to buy broken screen insurance, otherwise you may eventually spend another half cost of a brand new one.