How To Grow A Long Mane

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Lots of men wear a long mane, and it looks modern and cool, but how do they make it grow? We asked the top specialists at the best barber shops in Manhattan to tell us the simplest tips how every guy can make hair grow fast, so check them out!


#1 Regular cut

If you want to achieve long hair, you need to start with a regular cut. Doing it every 2-3 month will be enough. This simple tip will make it grow faster and reduce the split ends as well, so let your hair grow healthy and strong.


#2 Vitamins

The next step will be to add some essential vitamins for your scalp and mane. Vitamins A and E are necessary for fast growth. You can eat more seeds: sunflower, flax, pumpkin, and sesame. Eating only a handful of any seeds every day will nourish your organism with these vitamins. You can also find vitamins E and A in capsules in any drugstore.


#3 Reduce the damage

Your mane can’t grow fast and strong if you don't treat it properly. For the first, throw out all those commercial shampoos and conditioners with parabens, alcohol, and sulfates in their content, replace them with some natural organic products. Of course, they cost on $10-15 more, but they won’t harsh scalp and mane. The second thing you should do is to shampoo mane 2-3 times per week. There is no need to do it every day, this way you provoke over dryness and breakage. And the third step will be to reduce everyday styling. Don’t use a hair dryer every day and different styling products, give hair a break and let it air dry.


#4 Nourishing mask

There are so many masks which can make hair grow fast, so we tell you about the most simple and the most effective. Combine a ⅓ cup of burdock oil with a ⅓ cup of a coconut oil, rub the mixture on the scalp and wait for approximately 30 minutes, wash it out with warm water - coconut oil will deeply moisturize scalp and hair, while burdock oil will provoke faster growth.


Stay cool and confident with a healthy and strong mane.


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