Handy Tips To Maintain Wooden Window Frames

To make our houses look classier and sophisticated we decorate the windows with the wooden frames. Windows play an important part in the overall look of the house both from the interior and the exterior. We have often seen people struggling with the maintenance of the wooden frames of their windows as they believe that the wooden frames are cost effective in repairing. Give your tension away because we are going to tell you simple tips for wooden window maintenance which you can follow throughout the year to keep the aesthetic display for long time.

In order to make the wooden frames of the windows appealing you need regular maintenance. The wooden finish will determine what kind of maintenance you should take for the frames. But we also believe that the task is time consuming. Thus we would suggest you to take the help of windows repair Pretoria services immediately. You can scroll through the pages online to avail the best service in Pretoria.

Let us first talk about the types of finishes you get in the wooden window frames:

  • Varnishes- the people living in coastal areas use the varnishes as their wooden frames for windows. You must not expose the varnishes in extreme heat or else it will crack on the surface. We believe that in these days it becomes a hectic task for the people to remove the wood and coat it with varnish. Thus you just close the window and find the cracked portion and sand only that area. If the sand doesn’t work then use the paint removers to get rid of those varnishes. After you see the varnishes have come out, wipe it with water and apply another coat.


  • Sealant- the sealants are more convenient option than the previous one since it is easier to seal the woods. The thinned down oiler can last up to five years in highly exposed areas of the wood. After the first coat of sealant is dry completely then you sand them. Now clean it with the cloth dipped in turpentine and wait until it’s dry for another coat.


  • Oils- if you want to coat the wooden frames with oils then you must be careful about the tacky look it will give to the wooden frame after it is completely dry.

Follow these steps twice a year as a maintenance procedure:

  • At first you must choose the waterproof coating for the frames to make it last long.


  • You need to wipe it and wash it on frequent basis and the waterproof coating will last up to nine years in harsh weather.


  • Whenever you wash the window glass make sure to wipe the frames with mild soapy water.


  • You must clean the window frames with cleaning agent properly to make it safe from the salts and residues.


  • After the aforementioned task you may apply the emulsion as a coat on the wooden frames of the windows. You must make sure that every coat is completely dry otherwise it won’t last long.  


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