Growing out a long hair

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Long manes turn to be more and more popular since this winter. World famous hair experts and fashion designer embrace hundreds of different long hairstyles, making it popular among guys all over the world. If you always wanted to have handsome, long haircut but didn’t know how to achieve and maintain it, our article is for you. We asked our professionals at the best barber shop in Midtown to develop three basic tips for those men who are going to grow out long mane.


Define your face shape

It is not necessarily to be a rocker or biker in order to wear long hairstyles. You are free to do anything you want to your hair, but the only thing you have to consider is your face gape. Professional barbers always keep in mind this peculiarity, giving you some hair advice or offering major styling changes, it is about experience and professionalism of your hair dresser. Ask for style consultation before making any decisions, related to your hair and general style.


Consider your style

 Bringing your long haired dream to life is a wonderful thing, but if you are working at some serious company as a manager, and wear office suit 24/7, it can become an issue. In spite of the fact that the majority of company executives have nothing against such haircuts, there are some exceptions that confirm this rule. You need to weigh all pros and cons of your future hairstyle, think about possible conflicts and inconveniences.


Figure out what hair structure is

It is not a secret that our hair becomes thinner with age. If you have naturally thin hair it would be better to refuse on idea to grow it out, no matter you have curly, straight, kinky or wavy mane. Only thick, full and healthy hair looks attractive when it is long. In other case you will draw everybody’s attention to volume less, weak locks and balding spots on your head.


Now, take into account everything you just have read about and decide whether you need long hair or not. Follow our tips, and the answer will become obvious for you.


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