Global Ambiance Lighting Market Forecast to 2022

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Ambiance Lighting
<p>Increased penetration of ambiance lighting in low-mid segment cars to upsurge the ambiance lighting market for automotive<br /><br /><a href=""><strong><em><u>A</u></em></strong><strong><em><u>mbiance </u></em></strong><strong><em><u>L</u></em></strong><strong><em><u>ighting</u></em></strong></a>&nbsp;market for automotive, by value, is projected to grow at a <strong>CAGR of 14.41%</strong>&nbsp;from 2017 to 2022. It is projected to reach <strong>USD 5.30 billion</strong>&nbsp;by 2022 from an estimated <strong>USD 2.71 billion</strong>&nbsp;in 2017. The key factors driving the market growth include increasing penetration of ambiance lighting in low to mid-segment vehicles, inclination toward luxury, and increasing vehicle production. The improving economic condition of developing regions such as Asia Oceania has boosted the market for premium vehicles, which are equipped with ambiance lighting.<br /><br />Dashboard ambiance lighting to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period<br /><br />The market for dashboard ambiance lighting is projected to grow at the highest CAGR, in terms of value, during the forecast period. The increasing demand for ambiance lighting and luxury vehicles are the key growth drivers for the dashboard ambiance lighting market.<br /><br /><strong>Request Sample copy of Report at :</strong>&nbsp;<a href=""><strong><em><u></u></em></strong></a><br /><br />Asia Oceania to dominate the market growth<br /><br />Asia Oceania is estimated to see the fastest growth of the ambiance lighting market for automotive, in terms of value. This growth is primarily driven by the increasing vehicle production and increasing penetration of luxury cars in the region.<br /><br />The study contains insights provided by various industry experts. The break-up of the primaries is as follows:</p> <p>- By Company Type &ndash;OEM - 14%, Tier-1 - 57%, &nbsp;and Tier 2 &ndash; 29%</p> <p>- By Designation - C level - 43%, D-level - 43%, and Others - 14%</p> <p>- By Region - North America - 43%, &nbsp;Europe - 29%, and Asia-Oceania - 23%, RoW &ndash; 5%<br /><br />The key players in the ambiance lighting market are profiled in the study. These include Hella KGaA Hueck &amp; Co. (Germany), OSRAM Licht AG (Germany), Grupo Antolin (Spain), Federal-Mogul LLC (US), Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), GENERAL ELECTRIC (US), Valeo S.A. &nbsp;(France), and Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan).<br /><br /><u>Research Coverage</u></p> <p>The ambiance lighting market for automotive is segmented by application, vehicle type, alternate fuel vehicles, and aftermarket. For the application of ambiance lighting in automotive, we have considered applications such as dashboards, footwell, doors, center console, and others (armrest, headliners, and seats). As ambiance lighting is available in C and above segment cars, we have considered C-segment, D-segment, E-segment, and F-segment. In this study, we have also covered alternate fuel vehicles (BEV, HEV, and PHEV) and aftermarket lighting products.<br /><br /><u>Reasons to Buy the Report</u>:</p> <p>The report provides insights concerning the following points:</p> <p>- <u>Market Development</u>: The report offers comprehensive information about lucrative emerging markets. The report ****yzes the ambiance lighting market for automotive across regions.</p> <p>- <u>Product Development/Innovation</u>: The report provides detailed insights into R&amp;D activities, upcoming technologies, and new product launches in the global ambiance lighting market for automotive.</p> <p>- <u>Market Diversification</u>: The report gives detailed information about untapped markets, investments, new products, and recent developments in the global ambiance lighting market for automotive.</p> <p>- <u>Dive Matrix</u>: The report offers detailed information and in-depth ****ysis of key players based on their business strategy and product offering.</p> <p>- <u>Supplier ****ysis</u>: The report provides a brief ****ysis of Who Supplies Whom data for key component manufacturers and their clients (OEMs).<br /><br /><strong><strong>To </strong></strong><strong><strong>see the full</strong></strong><strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></strong><strong><strong>R</strong></strong><strong><strong>eport, click the link below</strong></strong><strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></strong><strong><strong>:</strong></strong><strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></strong><a href=""><strong><em><u><strong><em></em></strong></u></em></strong></a></p>