Is Ford Super Duty Bumper A Worth Investment For Your Vehicle?

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After purchasing a truck, the most obvious things you will consider include financing or initial price and gas mileage. Only a few consider the other important factors, such as the bumper. For owners of Ford trucks, it is important. The modern Ford Truck Bumpers are designed to offer exceptional protection. This is because the bumper helps absorb shocks, and prevents possible damage to the truck’s headlights, indicators and other parts. In fact, heavy duty bumpers can eve protect life of the driver and prevent extensive to the engine in the event of collision. A Ford Super Duty Bumper will also help protect the exhaust, the grille, gas supply, bonnet and trunk.


Here below are the most critical factors you need to consider in your choice of bumper for your truck.


For the Ford truck, the most recommended brand for replacement bumper is Ford and not any other brand. There are generic models out there, but they may not be of good quality. Avoid the cheap options in the market as they may not be of the best quality. Even in selecting the right Ford Super Duty Bumpers, pay special attention to the quality and not necessarily cost. You better spend a bit more and get the best protection from bumper fitted in to your Ford truck.


The material used for making for the bumper truck determines its durability, reliability and effectiveness. The common material used for making Ford bumpers include fiberglass, plastic, steel, carbon fibre and aluminium. Each of these material has its pros and cons. However, all that matter is that the material used to make the bumper should be of quality, and capable of withstanding harsh roads. Steel is the most durable, but it is a bit heavy and thus may increase gas mileage.

On the other hand, fibre glass is light in weight, but may not offer the highest degree of protection needed especially in the event of collision. The ideal material for ford super duty bumper replacement thus involves striking balance between the weight and durability, and its effect on gas mileage. Steel is very durable and can withstand all condition including off road. There are also some custom bumpers in which steel is mixed with some other material, to suit the taste of some particular clients.


If you need the best Ford Super Duty Front Bumper then you must explore the various options before making the final selection. To make the right choice, you must know the advantages that each option presents. For instance, a highly customized bumper may give the truck customized, unique appearance, but may not offer the required degree of protection.

Repair or replacement?

Most of the auto shops and garages encourage replacing the factory bumper with an aftermarket one. However, replacing bumper is a bit costly, so as the owner of the truck, you need to evaluate the cost of repairs vis a vis the cost of replacing. You should do this while bearing in mind that replacing may have higher initial cost but savings in the long term, while repairs may have the reverse effect of low initial cost, but higher costs in the long term.