Five Protein-Based Foods For Men's Health

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Protein is the most important thing in men's health. Your hair and muscles will always be in a healthy condition if you eat enough amount of proteins every day. But where can we find a protein? What do we need to eat? Here you can check the best protein-based foods provided by the top specialist at the best barber shop NYC.


#1 Legumes

Lots of people still believe in a common myth that meat has the highest content of protein. On the contrary, we can find more protein in plants. It may sounds surprisingly, but legumes have much more amount of protein than any other product.  If you want to be strong, healthy and provide your muscles with it, you should totally eat more lentils, edamame, chickpeas, pinto, and soybeans, you can also vary your daily dishes with tofu, seitan and soy milk.


#2 Dairy products

In the second place in protein content are different dairy products: cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and homemade cheese. Why do we write a ‘homemade’ cheese? Because all ‘yellow’ commercial cheeses contain too much fat instead of protein, that is why you should start to buy dairy products only in organic, vegetarian shops and in a tiny non-commercial farms. Does it sound very hard? Actually, thanks to Instagram and Facebook you can find your local organic store where you can buy healthy products without any problems.


#3 Eggs

These guys are total protein-based food, but actually, you need to eat them raw and don’t forget to wash the egg with a soap before eating to prevent infectious diseases and stomachache.


#4 Nuts

Nuts are really super food due to its protein and natural fat content. They are the best food for you if you do sports regularly. Moreover, you need to eat only a handful of any nut to provide your body with energy and all the vitamins for all the day.


#5 Fish and meat

Some dieters say that nowadays fish and meat can’t be a good and healthy food for human due to the high amount of toxins in their content, but anyway, meat and fish contain protein, so you should make a decision for yourself  - to eat or not to eat.


Be healthy by combining your workouts and eating foods with high amount of protein.