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English is recognised as a universal language because more than 60% of the world population can communicate in English breaking the language barriers between people from different countries. English has turned out mandatory when you are looking for global opportunities and China has realised the importance of this language and started encouraging their citizens to lean English to excel on the international platforms. Thus, you can find lot of demand for English teaching jobs in China with so many people looking forward to enhance their knowledge and skills in this language. If you have a TESOL certificate and a passion for teaching English in China then you can find lot of career opportunities in China as an English teacher. There are jobs in private and public schools, English teaching institutes, tutoring and private teaching and many more jobs with so many English teaching centres in China. To apply for these TESOL jobs in China you can contact reliable recruiting agencies that help you find the right opportunity that suits to your qualification as well as career goals in China.

The recruitment agency like CareerChina not only offer best support in helping you find the job vacancies but also takes the responsibility in drafting your resume suitable to the job and also with interview tips to successfully land in your dream job. Most of the TESOL jobs in China require candidates with the certification and experience in teaching who are responsible and dedicated to their job. The compensation is fairly good along with health insurance coverage, bonus amount for extra hours, paid public and Christmas holidays, paid sick leaves, salary raise after 6 months completion and also on contract renewals. You shall also get airfare bonus on fulfilling the contract.

The recruitment agency also offer you lot of insights to find quality English teaching jobs that offer job satisfaction as well as good earnings while your stay in China. They also extend their services with your work visa processing and moving to China helping you with departure check list, booking fight and hotel, picking up from the airport and helping you settle in decent apartment along with access to a phone and bank account in China. With their China guide you can easily understand the local culture and traditions to feel familiar and comfortable with the local environment and focus on your career.

Find your dream destination of TEFL teaching abroad with our Careerchina guidelines, they’re packed full of useful information about what each place is like. It is a great job opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Chinese people see the outside world. For more details about TEFL in china jobs visit us.