Cosmetic Dentist Cardiff Catering to a Wide Range of Dental Needs

The White Dental Centre is a well established dental clinic located in Cardiff, Wales. Along with dentistry, it provide an extensive variety of other services including tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry as well as on website ceramic restorations. In common with all dentists, they adhere to a strict professional code of conduct and endeavour to do their finest. It aims to boost oral health health; to enhance facial aesthetics utilizing the latest available techniques.

The services provided in the White Dental Centre contain general practice, cosmetic dentistry, treating gum disease, CEREC reconstruction, tooth-whitening, dental health health screening, Joint Vibration Analysis, Oso Orthopaedic Mouth Guard and Oralift rejuvenation. Chronic snoring is handled.

The run by two well qualified dentists, Doctor Matthew White and Dr Pamela White. Two knowledgeable and friendly receptionists, Grace and Alison, make the appointments; arrange follow up consultations and help to put patients at ease. The dentists are assisted by an experienced group of nursing staff lead by Debbie Gould.

The nursing staffs contain Sandra and Caroline who've been for over ten years at the White Dental Centre and help provide the professional back up needed for for contemporary dentistry. The nurse coordinator is Samantha who is on hand and offers an essential link between patient and dentist to discuss any element of therapy. To gather additional information on White Dental Centre please find this

With over twentyfive years in-practice, the White Dental Centre guarantees of a clinical expertise and wealth of experience to achieve preferred results of the patients. Their appointments are tailored to fit anyone's hectic schedule, plus they take the time to answer any queries from the patients, and offer numerous treatment options accessible to day. The dentists in the White Dental Centre are committed to providing top quality, safe, handy care in a warm, friendly environment.