Copper Mugs As Best Gift For 7th Marriage Anniversary

Buying gifts is a tricky affair! The challenge intensifies when you need to buy a gift for an event shared by a couple – such as the occasion of the anniversary. This is a time when you must gift an item that can be used equally by both the people and they can actually share the experience.   

So for a special occasion like the completion of glorious seven years of a couple’s marriage you can go for a gift that is both personalized yet stately!  

Sophisticated Copper Mugs Of Different Shapes  

You heard that just right. A couple of copper mugs can be the best gift that you can choose for your loved and dear ones. These copper mugs can be presented in sets of two as the perfect special gift to celebrate a special day. You can also get these copper cups in sets of 4, 6 and 8.  

These mugs can come in a large number of different shapes and sizes. These different shapes will indicate the nature of usage of these mugs. On one hand, if you can get simple barrel shaped glasses for general dining purpose, on the other hand, you can also get sets of Moscow mule mugs which are a special type of copper mugs used to serve Moscow Mule – vodka based spicy cocktail. You can get hammered barrel-shaped mugs along with wine cups that can serve as super wedding favors and even gifts for other occasions.

Benefits Of Using These Copper Mugs  

The tradition of using copper mugs as beverage containers and serving choices is something that runs really old in human history. Copper is present in the human body naturally and helps in working of the enzymes. Hence even in the ancient time's people did practice to store water in copper containers so that they could intake this copper in a natural manner. Hence the idea of copper mugs as gifts is actually a great idea in more ways than one!  

Cleaning Of Copper Mugs  

A gleaming set of copper mugs can actually help elevate the mood of the party. However, when you buy them from wholesale mugs dealers you can also ask for an advice or two of how to keep them gleaming clean? The best way is to clean them right after use. Again for shiny copper mugs use a mixture of salt and lemon juice and apply it with a toothbrush to get that rich shiny texture.   

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