A Brief Summary about Haplomaps

Haplomaps mainly deal with genetic genealogy. It tells about the genetic variation in people belonging to a certain region. Using this map, one can know about his/her origination and race. It also tells the genetic history of a certain country. It even tells about intelligence of a race. Therefore, people are divided into various types of haplogroups according to their origin. Haplogroups range from A to T.

Haplogroup A plays a very important role in the evolution of human beings. It is said to be the foundational haplogroup of known patrilineal lineage whose place of origin is considered to be in Africa in modern history

Knowing about Haplogroup B

There are various sub-clad of haplogroup B. According to human family tree, haplogroup B-M60 states about Ina’s clan. Haplogroup B2A Y-DNA is mainly found in Fali males of northern Cameroon and Ngumba males of southern Cameroon. 5% of it is found in Uldeme males and 4% is found in Mandara males of northern Cameroon. 6% of it is found in Baka males of southern Cameroon. Even males of Central Africa Republic contain 3 to 5% of Y-DNA. People belonging to this haplogroup can also be found in Xhosa males of South Africa, males from Pakistan and Iranians from southern Iran.

Haplogroup B-M112 is found mainly in pygmy populations of Central Africa, Hadzabe population of East Africa and Juu populations in Southern Africa. Haplogroup C is mainly found in ancient population of a country out of Africa. However, indigenous people of North America, Central Asia, Oceania and Siberia contain it.

Knowing about Other Haplogroup

The Y-chromosome Haplogroup N is present in people of Northern Europe, China, Mongolia and Eurasia region. It occurs due to the presence of genetic material M231. Haplogroup N is a descendant of Haplogroup NO. Haplogroup D is a part of Y chromosome of haplogroup. Haplogroup D is found in Tibet, Andaman Island and Japanese populations. These chromosomes are found in medium and low frequencies in North-East Asian, Amerindian and Central Asian populations. It is quite remarkable for its extreme geographic diversion.

90% of male population outside Africa contains Haplogroup F. Ancient Hungarians called Margyars are originated in Ural regions. There is a major clade haplogroup GHIJK which can be divided into haplogroup HIJK and haplogroup G. Haplogroup HIJK can be further divided into H and IJK. People of South Asia belong to H and K haplogroup whereas people of Middle East belong to G and IJ haplogroup.