Brief History of the Islam and Things to Know About Islam

When we scan the history of Islam we can literally say that although Islam is present when Jinn and mankind came into being, it was recognized by different names according to the numerous prophets and envoy that were sent to carry convey the note of Allah.

The history of Islam has been showcased and accessible by historians & the like in a subjective way which has lead to the faith that it was a religion of the sword and was increased mainly by means of war. It was only in Arabia, where a crude form of worship was rampant, that Islam was spread by warring against those families which did not accept the message of God--whereas Christians & Jews were not forced to change.

All through the history of Islam i.e. when Islam was prosperous in every main field known to man, we realize that when people were truthful to the covenant of Allah they constantly received victory but the moment they ignored Allah they fell into the throes of defeat.

The reason of knowledge of Islam is to give us the good manners, nature and excellent behavior to carry the message of Islam to humankind. Though, Muslims nowadays are deprived of it; on an individual level, family level, within the Muslim community, by non-Muslims, while at the masjid or even at the haram.

The groups who are following the Islam religion are recognized as Muslims and they are having widest numbers of followers in the globe. Presently, Islam is the 2nd most followed religion of the globe after Christian. The spiritual practice of Islam which factually means to submit you to Allah Almighty is based on the few rules which are recognized as pillars of Islam Here is the five pillars of Islam.  Shahada, Salat, Zakat Sawm, Hajj

They are not the most attractive Names because of the words themselves, but because they specify His most ideal attributes. All Allah's Names are worthy, praiseworthy and deserve to be overvalued, and that is the motive why they are the Most striking Names. His points are the most ideal, all His Descriptions are the Most Glorified, & all His Actions are approved in complete wisdom, kindness, and justice. though, there are more than 99 names of Allah found in the Qur’an & the Hadith, A part of trust in Allah is to trust in the Names and Attributes of Allah as they are talking about in His Book and in the true Sunnah of His mystic and Iman in His Names & Attributes is dependent on two main beliefs: