Braided inspiration

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Braid is a universal hairstyle, thanks to its diversity, braids can fit any accession, starting from wedding and school prom to math paper work next week. There are an unlimited number of possible styling variant and modernizations of braids, depending on your hair length, structure, colour and texture. If you are looking for some interesting look for a particular date, here is a place to draw your inspiration from. Our professionals at the best salon NYC offer you three stunning braided haircuts, stolen from  Hollywood celebrities.


Amanda Seyfried and careless looking braid

Perfection is boring. Ideally, sleek and polished braid no longer surprises anybody, so your task is to make it more attractive and playful. Tease your hair before making a braid with a special spray to achieve coveted imperfection. It will perfectly interplay with neat and exquisite long dress, creating marvellous contrast you can play with.


Nicole Kidman and braided crown

Why is braided crown a perfect decision for this summer? First of all, it includes braiding – the most popular fashion trend of last few months, secondly -  it keeps your hair away from your face and neck, preventing excessive sweating and overheating. However, we should mention that creating such hairstyle require special skills, so you should search the internet, watch several videos on YouTube and practice at home first. After several tries, you will become a pro.


Ciara and loose fish tail

This hairstyle doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. It fits better for long and medium straight hair, but girls with wavy lock could also try it. You just need to leave your top hair layers loose, making a tight fishtail. It will look even better if you have coloured hair with fading effect. Half loose, flowing hairstyle will perfectly complete some romantic look or help you to create beautiful, daring contrast if you wear sports.


Choose one of these gorgeous hairstyles and embrace your unique look that will highlight your personality and discover your inner beauty. Rely on the experienced opinion of stunning Hollywood stars, because they always know how to hit the aim.