The best way to find followers on Instagram

In social media world, many are worried about how many followers they have. But I am interested in who my followers are and what type they are. Have you noticed, there are lot of different type of followers: some may be lurkers, advocates or they may be selective in the content etc. They seem to be outspoken or quiet. They may have big or small audiences. They may buy everything you have to sell or never buy a thing. But how can you determine who they are? And once you are looking at Instagram, what do you think of they interacting with your content? There are many ways to find out who the best followers on Instagram are – and I’m going to share them with you. But, first, I wish to share why defining the words “best” is so important. You’ll notice I said finding your “best” followers on Instagram. Since there are different versions of the word best in terms of social media. “Best” could mean any of these things: Most engaged with your content Most influential along with their own reach and impact Most likely to purchase your products or service As you are able to already assume, these things could have drastically different impacts on relationship – or they could be mutually related. For instance, someone who follows you, that has millions of followers and a lot of influence, is an effective follower to have, right? But if they don’t really care about what you’re posting and don’t share that with others, are they really all that helpful for you? And, another take could possibly be someone who loves your imagery and likes just about any post you share. Though they have no interest in actually purchasing your services or products. It’s nice to have the additional like and engagement, but if they’ll never purchase from you, how valuable are they to your business? So, for the “best” followers out there, it’s most essential to know which followers are best for your goals. Fortunately, there exists a tool around (and it’s free!) that will help with some of this ****ysis. Of course, no tool is ideal, and you still need to make your own interpretations of the data, however this definitely helps. I have used this tool to my own account and now have shared it with numerous clients, therefore I want you to also check out Social Rank. At Social Media Dealing, we provide social media marketing services like buy Instagram followers, Instagram Likes for more information visit