Best Short Hairstyles For Men

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Tired of being typical and wearing buzz cut every summer? We too, so we asked the top stylists at barber shop NYC to tell us about the coolest hairstyles for this summer with the simplest ways of treatment. Check them out!


#1 Short and messy + skin fade

Fade is entirely a trend for this summer. Such haircut won’t let you sweat, and a messy mane on the top will make you look unique and cool (with a minimum time for styling).


#2 Short slicked back + wavy hair

For those guys who have a wavy or curly mane. It looks terrific with a simple, slick back and fade on the sides, just don’t forget to use a little amount of a hair pomade to fixate mane for all day.


#3 Short pomp fade

Looks amazing with a minimum styling and what is more important - this hairstyle is suitable for any face shape. Fade on the sides and pomp is a classic style, which needs a little amount of a hair pomade, just don’t overuse it to prevent the greasy mane look.


#4 High fade + long curly fringe

Don’t hide the natural volume of a curly and wavy hair. Let it grow a little and then just ask a stylist to make a high fade on the sides. Such style is a combo for those men who really like look modern and stylish.


#5 Caesar haircut + fade

Such hairstyle is a renewed Caesar haircut. Blunt bang and a fade make you look cool, even with no styling, it looks amazing, and a short fringe won’t hinder you during workouts and other daily activities.


#6 Side part hairstyle

This style brings you a professional and severe note to your everyday outfit. It is suitable for those men who work in the office, or just really in love with black suits. A classic hairstyle, which any grandma loves.


#7 Choppy fringe + low fade

Fringe is more suitable for men with a thick mane. Moreover, it looks cooler when it’s chopped. The great thing about this style is that low fade on the sides won’t let you sweat and short choppy fringe won’t hinder you.


Now you know that there is a whole world of fabulous short hairstyles!


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