Alberta Disability Insurance What’s the Difference Between Short-Term and Long Term?

Alberta disability insurance is a way to replace lost income when you can’t earn a living due to inability to work. There are two types of disability insurance, short-term and long-term. There are number of reasons why you would need this type of insurance.

Why you Need Alberta Disability Insurance

Life insurance protects loved ones by replacing lost income due to death. Disability insurance protects the income lost from accidents and illness. For most of us, if we don’t work we don’t get paid. When you have disability insurance you get a regular paycheck the same as you do when you work.

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. In fact, most accidents happen in the home, and most car accidents happen close to home. If you’re badly injured in an accident and must sue the other driver, it will probably be years before you receive any money.

Below we’ll take a closer look at the two types of Alberta disability insurance.

Short-Term vs Long Term Alberta Disability Insurance

As the name implies, short-term disability insurance kicks in quickly once you’re disabled – a few weeks to a few months. The payments extend for a short time period.

Long-term disability begins after you’re used other disability benefits, and waited longer. Generally, three to six months. This insurance covers you for serious conditions and health issues. Along with the longer wait time, long-term disability will pay you for a longer period.

A common thing most people wonder about is which type of disability insurance to get – short-term or long-term. However, this isn’t really the issue. What’s important is whether your short-term or long-term policies can work together. If you’re being smart and planning for the worst, you shouldn’t gamble on how long you’ll be unable to work.

Should You Only Get Alberta Short-term or Long-Term Disability Insurance Not Both?

This depends on your situation. Pretend you didn’t get paid for a month, or possibly two. Can you survive on your savings to get you through? If you can it may be possible for you to get away with only a long-term Alberta disability insurance policy.

However, you need to consider what would happen if it turned out you couldn’t work for 24 to 48 months? Remember long-term Alberta disability insurance doesn’t kick in for months. Will you be able to pay your mortgage, car payments and buy food?

If there’s a gap in your Alberta disability insurance coverage, you’ll need to use your savings or go into debt to live on in between. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation.  Even if you’re in the minority of Albertans who have two years income saved, wouldn’t you prefer to use it for something else than food, clothing and shelter?

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