The 8 surprises to enhance on iPhone 6s you may ignore


IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus finally came, after watching the new item conference we all know on this generation of iPhone 6s series the major upgrade points which most worth looking forward to is the camera, RAM, A9 processor and 3D Touch. However, in addition, inside iPhone 6s actually there are some other surprise upgrades that easy to overlook.


1, more powerful panorama photos

Camera upgrade is the main event of Apple iPhone 6s. The main camera from the previous generation of 8 million pixels jumped to 12 million pixels, and supports 4K video capture. Although single pixel size from 1.5μm down to 1.22μm, but Apple added the deep groove isolation and other new technologies to enhance the image quality, objectively speaking, imaging results will certainly be greatly improved. We have to say that the first point is to rely on this camera to achieve, that is, panoramic photo function.


In the iPhone 6s series, the panorama mode has been supported up to 63 million pixels, while the previous generation iPhone 6 panoramic modes was 43 million pixels, this upgrade can be said quite obvious. But this feature is less used, usually we go out to play when it will use this feature, I believe many users will ignore this one.


2, Live Photos

Just like its name Live Photos can take a "live photo", in fact, is already on the Android phone appears on the dynamic photos. It can you press the shutter before and after 1.5 seconds of the scene and the sound of all records, and the default open this feature, so you take a normal photo while taking dynamic photos. You do not have to worry about moving photos for too much storage space, because Live Photo is powerful enough to be able to compress the dynamic photo volume is very small, about the equivalent of two normal photo volume.


In addition, pictures taken with Live Photos when viewing photos in albums are also active when switching, and can be played by pressing. Live Photos features will support iOS and OS X system products in the future, more interesting are that you can also set it as mobile phone wallpaper.


3, slow motion

IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can shoot up to 1080P resolution 120fps slow motion video, and 720P resolution can reach 240fps, which makes capturing fleeting picture becomes more relaxed. Experienced too slow action shooting mode users must know that even in life, the common scene, in the slow motion will become very nice, intriguing. Such as raindrops fall in the water shot in the process of water is very beautiful, have the opportunity to try it.


4, zoom video

The new iPhone 6s main camera upgrade to 12 million pixels after you can shoot 4K resolution video, of course, if you watch it on the phone, then it seems that the details show is not very clear. So, play zoom function you can watch the movie when you zoom in, see the details of the screen recorded in every detail, of course, this feature can run iOS9 system models can enjoy. But here please note that there are foreign media projections If you buy a 16GB version of the iPhone 6s, then the 4K video clips can be shot may be less than 1 hour. Because the 16GB version to remove the system and will be installed up to 10GB of space for free users, but the 4K video volume is very large, there are 4K video needs to shoot the user or choose 64GB or 128GB version of it.


5, real-time standby Siri

Some small features in the system simply do not need to call a powerful A9 processor to complete, to the M9 coprocessor to do just fine, so that both can improve the efficiency of resource use, but also to achieve the purpose of saving. The iPhone 6s series of M9 coprocessors integrated in the A9 processor, it can work efficiently and intelligently, which Siri has become a real-time standby state, any time you can "hey! Siri" to wake up the voice assistant. The previous Siri only plug in the power can stand at any time, unplug the power cord will be sleeping, or real-time standby too power, and iPhone 6s series on the M9 coprocessor Siri into real-time standby, and battery life Resulting in a negligible burden. Editor said "hey! Siri" function is very easy to use, wake up in the morning or when the night shouting "Hey! Siri", you can ask the time, ask the weather.


6, support MIMO

The iPhone 6s series of forward-looking support to the MIMO, it is regarded as the next generation of mobile communications core technology. MIMO can increase the system channel capacity by doubling without increasing the spectral resources and the antenna transmit power. The principle is through the use of multiple transmit and receive antennas at the transmitter and receiver, respectively, and the signal is transmitted and received through multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver, thereby improving the communication quality. Simply said that the speed is fast, the signal is stable!


7, Bluetooth 4.2

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the best choice for both wireless devices, the good news is that this Apple iPhone 6s series support Bluetooth 4.2 standard. Of course, in addition to fast enough, Bluetooth 4.2 is also safe. Bluetooth 4.2 Another advantage is that when the Bluetooth signal you want to connect the user equipment, and cannot be directly connected, but must pass the user permission message. In addition, Bluetooth devices that are not allowed will not be able to track user devices via Bluetooth signals.


8, slightly thick body

Apple iPhone 6s is 0.2mm thicker than previous one. The new product is regress than the previous generation of product? But we have thus obtained a more solid 7000 series aluminum metal. How hard is it? Some foreign media has done test on iPhone 6s metal shell. In a professional bending tester it can withstand 80 pounds of power, and the previous generation of Apple iPhone 6 metal back shell can only withstand 30 pounds power. Although Apple did not make any response on the fact that iPhone 6 series is easy to break, in fact Apple has made a secret effort to make changes, iPhone 6s will not be so easily broken off any more.


Although the appearance of iPhone6s little changes, but in fact there are all aspects of large or small upgrade, each function points are worth taking, and the new features can lead the industry 1-2 years development trend. As the ad said, the only difference of iPhone 6s is everywhere is different.


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