5 facts about Illustration Everyone thinks are True

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'Illustration' the second thought that comes to our mind by hearing this word is drawing, sketch, figure. But illustration is much more than that. Since many of the people are not well aware of this sector, there are various myths about illustration. Here I have noted down 5 facts that people think is true about illustration.


1. Children’s books are only for kids:

Many adults love reading children’s book, comic book, they find it fun. Also, the writers who write for children's read a lot of these books. Some people for interacting with their children read these books. So, Yes we can say that it’s for every age group who love to read. There are people who still read comic books as a stress buster.


2.Illustrators are designers:

Designers will generally spend more time working on the complete image and format, while an illustrator focuses on bringing one small part of the big picture to life. We can say illustration considered to be more like a fine art while graphic design work is more commercial. In short, we can say that the illustrator creates the image and where exactly the image or illustration would be used is decided by the designer.


3.Computers do most of the work.

As illustration has also moved from ****og to digital world, everyone has this myth that most of the illustration work is done by computer. But as every illustration needs a creative mind and to bring that creativity a lot of efforts has to be done. Managing digital tools and getting the work done right is a great task.


4. It's easy to get into illustration:

The career path of an illustrator isn't very clear and easy. To be in this you must have a combination of Unique Consistent Style, Technical Skills, Marketing, Tracking Work, creativity and Attitude which is not that easy. To get an illustration done right a great thought process, time and patience are required and to show message from an illustration is a hard job to do. It’s not everyone's cup of tea.


5. An illustration is done only by hands or only digitally:

80% of us think that illustration can be done manually or digitally, but there also exists a combination of two. Here illustrators combine ****og as well as a digital method to bring down the best artwork. They draw their illustration manually and scan that digitally and by the combination of this, a great artwork is created.