3 Tips to Ease the Preschool Admission Process

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As soon as the child turns 2, parents start panicking about getting their child admitted to the best preschool in India. Are you one of those parents , bogged down by the pressure of finding the best preschool for your child? Or you are the one who has planned early,  has carefully sorted various parameters sorted out   but feel anxious about the   he day of the admission.  Let not the  anxiety of the admission process get to you. We will help you to choose  the right preschool for your child  in an easy process with simple tips.

Choosing the Best Preschool Requires Time:

An ideal time to begin research work is a year before your child begins to attend school. Attend the preschool fairs and get to know the parents to get recommendations for the school you want your child to be enrolled in.

Get to know the philosophy of the school before you submit the application form and the fees.  Schools organize tours for parents and begin the admission process typically during the months of October to January. They offer lucrative discounts for parents during this time expecting admissions to roll faster in the later months.

Our Advice: take your time to check each preschool and do not worry about wait lists and other things. Schools have last minute openings and they provide opportunities for enrollment as soon as seats become available.

Select the Preschool Timings Carefully According to Your Child’s Schedule:

The approximate age that a child should enroll in to the pre-school is 3 years. . The timings for the preschool are divided into 2 slots as these are half day programs.

Our Advice: It is advisable to select preschool timings according to the schedule of your child for him/her to adjust with the program easily. A morning slot is suited for the early risers while the afternoon one is better for those children who prefer to sleep till a little late in the morning.

Evaluate the Preschool Carefully on the following Parameters:

(Also talk about high levels of safety norms being present, good standard of health and hygiene levels to be present during pre-school evaluation). Use the pre-school checklist

·         Carefully assess the child teacher and child staff relationship in the school. Your child will be in the hands of these people who will play a very crucial role in shaping the young mind.

·         Check for the parents’ teachers’ communication forum as the connection between the home and the school is very important for a child’s learning and development.

·         Make sure to assess the disciplinary policies as these have a vital effect on your children. Discipline builds a positive approach and shapes the behaviour of a child. Check out the schools policies on classroom rules, routines and social-emotional lessons in the curriculum.


Our Advice: We would suggest you personally visit the school and observe while the class is in session to understand the level of comfort and ease that a child is with his/her teacher in the school. Pay attention to the staff and how friendly they are with children. Also mark the language used to initiate a conversation with your child.


Please do not fear the admission process, instead take be prepared for it with the correct information.  It’s not an interview for you but for the school. So, let them brace up for it.